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The Electrical Expert 

Ed Clark
The Electrical Expert

Forensic Analyst
Expert Witness

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 Areas of Expertise


Ed Clark specializes in all types of Electrical related Accidents, Fire, Electrocution, Equipment mal-functions, etc. Ed Clark's expertise is unique in his field. Most Electrical Experts have a long list of credentials from papers published and books, to a variety of degrees and usually with little or no field experience.  I call this book smart. Their resumes impress jurys just by the sheer volume of paper it takes to document their credentials.  In contrast, Ed Clark is both book smart and field smart. Electricity is simple, common sense goes a long ways,  and anytime he offers an opinion, he can prove it.

Ed Clark started his career as an Apprentice Electrician in 1980  for the Southern California Edison Company and started up the Corporate ladder. His experience as a Test Technician and ultimately a Test "A" has proven to be invaluable. Testman in the Edison Company are the employees given the task of testing and proving all Electrical equipment, relay protection schemes, control circuits. etc. They are responsible for testing all Electrical equipment after installation and verifying that it works as designed by the Engineers. It is their ultimate authority to give the authorization to energize high voltage equipment for the first time. If a mistake is made, it could result in a major explosion, i.e. damage to equipment.  While working as a Testman, Ed Clark went back to Long Beach State to complete his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, carrying 18-21 units a semester while working full time and being newly married.


Upon completing his education, he was promoted to an  Engineering Aid that after six months was sent back out into the field as an assistant Engineer for a short time until he was promoted to the Transmission/Substation Division Engineer in the Southern Transmission/Substation Division.  His responsibilities included Operational oversight of all Construction related activities in a geographical area that included over 180 substation facilities, and five-manned switching centers. He took over Supervisory functions of all Test Personnel and was responsible for inspecting and signing off all Construction.


Ed Clark realized as a young Engineer, his unique ability resulting from extensive Test and field experience combined with his Electrical Engineering Degree, to figure out the cause and effect of any type of  problem caused by Electricity.

In 1990 Ed Clark opted out of Corporate America to start up his own Company ELC Electric Inc. to prepare for the de-regulation of the Electrical Industry. ELC Electric at one point peaked at 295 employees who supported all aspects of High voltage utility work, Ranging from Power Plant Design and Construction, Substation Design and Construction, and Overhead and Underground, Line Design and Construction. ELC Electric also had Maintenance and Test Crews.  ELC Electric Customers ranged from Southern California Edison, PG&E, City of Anaheim, Shell Oil, Chevron, Unocal, Torch Operating Company, a large variety of Co-generation plants and Industrial Customers.


Ed Clark was first obtained as an expert witness in 1995 following a major explosion in a local refinery and has been performing expert work since that time in a wide variety of cases. Ed Clark does approximately a 50-50 percentage of plaintiff to defense work and has a proven track record. 


After reaching a peak of 295 employees, Ed opted to shut down ELC Electric Inc. and moved on to starting up  USA National Title Company  in 2006.


Ed Clark has continued to do expert work on a case-by-case basis.


Partial List of Past Customers


The Electrical Expert
5582 McFadden Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 903-4499

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