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Ed Clark
The Electrical Expert

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This story is true based on me, Ed Clark, investigating the cause of the 2007 fires in Southern California. This story is about a corporate utility giant putting corporate bottom line profits over public Safety. You will see two government agencies, the Public Utilities Commission and Cal Fire working in concert, concealing evidence to prevent the public from learning how the 2003 Cedar and Paradise fires started along with the 2007 Witch Creek Fire. You will see two government agencies refusing multiple requests to have a meeting of the minds with all parties involved to understand how these fires have started.  It is apparent to me that Cal Fire falsely prosecuted an innocent man regarding the 2003 Cedar Fire, resulting in Cal Fire, and the PUC working in concert in what appears to be one of the largest Corporate Cover ups in modern day history.

SDG&E, a public utility has successfully utilized the legal system, manipulated the cause of the 2007 Witch Creek fire to cause insurance companies to pay for the devastation caused by a basic design error. The cost ultimately will be passed on to the citizens and ratepayers of San Diego County.


The Electrical Expert
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